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The Need for Lean 

Do any of these conditions exist in Sales & Marketing at your company?

Your marketing team wastes time on redundant tasks. Your sales reps spend too much time on office work and not enough time selling. The sales and marketing teams are out of sync. Everything is taking too long & costing too much.

If these sound familiar, you need Lean Sales & Marketing. Lean Sales & Marketing uses automation to improve efficiency and productivity. Studies show that marketing automation improves productivity by 20%.

The Benefits of Lean Sales and Marketing

Lean Sales & Marketing Explained

Lean Sales & Marketing (LSM) applies automation and lean methods to marketing, sales and customer service activities and is adaptable to companies of all shapes & sizes.

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What is LSM?

Simply put, LSM is lean manufacturing and lean office principles put into play for sales, marketing and customer service activities. LSM follows all the best-practice mandates of the lean methodology to eliminate waste, reduce inefficiency and maximize value.

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How Does LSM Work?

LSM automates sales, marketing and customer service. These activities are mostly digital. You wouldn't think there's a lot of waste. But there is. LSM removes the waste and improves efficiency in the same way lean manufacturing does on the production shop floor.

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Is LSM Right for You? 

LSM is affordable and adaptable. Just as the principles of lean manufacturing can be applied to companies of all sizes, so can LSM. No matter if your sales and marketing teams are large or small or consist of just you, LSM can help. Flexible solutions come in all shapes and sizes.

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Lean Sales & Marketing in Action 

Lean Sales & Marketing removes waste and improves efficiency by automating sales, marketing and customer service processes. Here's what Lean Sales & Marketing can do.

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Automate email & social media campaigns weeks in advance

Automate review & approval processes

Get better aligned with the sales team

And more...

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Automate follow-up so salespeople can focus on priorities

Reduce time spent emailing by 90%

Automate contract renewal reminders

And more...

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Automate customer onboarding, support, and Help Desk

Create a self-help knowledge base

Automate NPS and customer satisfaction

And more...

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