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Tools for Michigan Manufacturers

Sales, marketing and customer service tools to help your manufacturing company grow. 


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Make Your Website Your Best Salesperson

Your website should be one of your best salespeople. But optimizing a website to generate leads is not as simple as throwing a "Click Here" button on your home page and watching the leads pour in. In this guide, we identify 7 ways that actually work to optimize your website for lead generation and sales.

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Identify Your Ideal Customers

Knowing who your ideal customers are saves time in so many ways. Your sales team won't waste time on dead-end prospects. Your marketing team will know who to target. This guide helps you attract the kind of customer you actually want. 

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Understand the Journeys Your Buyers Take

Your buyers take predictable journeys on their way to deciding to buy from you. Understanding the path they take will help you attract more prospects, close more sales, and generate more revenue. Our guide will help you understand the buyer's journey so you can use it to your advantage.

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Attract and Engage Customers With Blog Content

B2B marketers who use blogs receive 67% more leads than those who do not. Blogs have been rated the fifth most trusted source for accurate online information. At its most basic, a blog can help you develop an online presence, prove yourself an expert in an industry, and attract more quality leads to all pages of your website. Learn how to blog in this guide. 

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Basics of SEO for Manufacturers

Outrank Your Competitors on Google

On average, before making a purchase, 89% of B2B buyers and 81% of B2C shoppers search Google. That's why ranking high in Google search results is so important. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you rank higher. In this guide, you’ll learn what SEO is and how it works so you can position your site to succeed.

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Build a Repeatable Sales Process

A sales process is a series of repeatable steps a sales team uses to move a prospect from a lead to a customer. A good sales process gives sales reps a framework to follow. In this guide, you’ll learn the steps of a successful sales process and how to build one for your sales team.

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Manage Prospects With CRM

It seems there’s always a new app or widget promising to make sales reps more productive. Truth is, the ultimate piece of technology is customer relationship management (CRM) software. In this guide, we show how CRM can help your sales reps close more deals and convert more leads.

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Lead Scoring Made Simple

Stop guessing. Build a lead scoring model that identifies your best prospects. In this guide, we define lead scoring and show how to build a faultless scoring system that makes your sales team more efficient and converts more leads.

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